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4th World Conference on Physics Education

  • 29 Enero 2024 |
4th WCPE is organized jointly by the International Research Group on Physics Teaching (GIREP), The International Commite on Physics Education (ICPE-IUPAP), the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland.

The conference theme, Embracing changes together, reflects the rapid changes and new challenges occurring nowadays in many areas of our lives,  influencing, among others, physics education. The idea of the conference is to gather participants involved in physics education from different perspectives and at different levels and to combine them in a general discussion on various aspects of physics education - for better mutual understanding and revival of learning of the young generation and the society as whole. We strongly support and encourage physics teachers worldwide to come to the 4th WCPE to share their experiences and discuss the current problems of physics education with their teacher colleagues from other countries and researchers from all around the world.

We invite you to propose abstracts for symposia, oral presentations, posters, and workshops. All the information about the conference, abstract submission, and registration procedure is available on the conference website:;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!R6kdQCSLXIKn-0kiOLyifTdankDO4_S0TCuvs3qIjWijaaxAyeQToEEEtBGhYTD1fX4raEcB-CsHI0H5Ow_fplt-xr4$ .

The 4th WCPE offers on-site presentations of the abovementioned types and the possibility of hybrid contributions in two time zones, meant solely for oral contributions. The abstracts for hybrid contributions should follow the same template as abstracts for live sessions.

Important dates:

    Abstract submission: 29 February 2024
    Notification of acceptance: 15 April 2024
    Early bird registration: 15 May 2024
    Regular registration: 15 June 2024
    Late registration: 10 July 2024
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