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Ultrafast Science & Technology Spain 2017
(November 22nd to 24th, 2017. Salamanca)

 Plenary Speakers


  • Yves Bellouard. Tailoring material properties using femtosecond lasers: from the analysis of subtle material structural changes towards their implementation in microtechnologies.
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  • Robert Fedosejevs: Ultra-Intense Laser Driven Electron, Particle and X-ray Sources. 
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  • John W.G. Tisch: Attosecond Science and Technology.
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The second edition of the Ultrafast Science and Technology Spain meeting (USTS 2017) will take place in the Hospederia Fonseca in Salamanca from 22th to 24th November, 2017.

The Meeting has been promoted by the Grupo Especializado de Láseres Ultrarrápidos (GELUR)  of the RSEF. The main objective of this event is to continue a series of Meetings aimed at gathering and promoting the whole Ultrafast Laser Community in Spain, providing a space for encounter, discussion and dissemination of the most recent results in Ultrafast Science, and facilitating synergies among groups with common thermes, tools or methodologies. All senior scientists, postdocs ans students working in areas related to Ultrafast Laser Science are strongly encouraged to attend the Meeting.

The scope of this Meeting is broad and will cover topics including ultrafast laser development, extreme light, materials processing, femtosecond laser spectroscopy and dynamics, nonlinear optical phenomena, ultrafast processes in biology, femtosecond microscopy or attosecond physics. We encourage you to submit your best contributions to USTS 2017 in order to have a high-level sicientific meeting with a large participation of our scientific and technological femtosecond community.

The Organizing Committee of USTS 2017

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