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Senior Laboratory Officer for the Nanofabrication Laboratory

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Senior Laboratory Officer for the Nanofabrication Laboratory

Code: Senior Laboratory Officer for the Nanofabrication Laboratory
Enviado el: Lunes, 26 Enero 2015
Shift: Universidad de Barcelona
Localización: Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2), Campus de la UAB, 08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona), Spain

Descripción del trabajo:

The Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) seeks a talented, enthusiastic individual to work within the nanofabrication Laboratory as a senior laboratory officer, assisting operations of a diverse range of state-of-the-art nanofabrication equipment, while helping develop novel nanofabrication protocols to enable substantial advances in the research work of ICN2 groups. The successful candidate is expected to participate in the design and implementation of the ICN2 Nanofabrication Laboratory. Once this is successfully achieved, the candidate will service the activity of the Laboratory. 

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Habilidades preferidas:

Responsibilities associated with the position:
  • Planning and provision of the Laboratory service in response to, and to meet the needs of, ICN2 groups.
  • Overall maintenance and implementation of upgrades of the equipment in the Laboratory. The candidate must have the technical expertise for the everyday running and troubleshooting of the equipment and must be able to implement and perform a successful maintenance program to optimize equipment reliability and performance.
  • Coordinate with the equipment vendors for tool inspection, and establish reparation and preventive maintenance service contracts, when necessary.
  • Conduct user training in the different nanofabrication areas.
  • Oversee the activities of students and research staff to assure proper use of the equipment in the Laboratory.
  • Train users on best safety practices, and help monitor laboratory safety compliance.
Qualifications and experience/skills required:
  • The selected candidates should hold a Ph.D. degree in chemistry, physics, materials science, or a related field.
  • The candidate should be familiar with cleanroom protocols and process development for sub micro-meter structures for device applications. S/he should have several years of research and development experience in nanofabrication, especially in material deposition, etching tools and procedures, and lithographic techniques (e.g. e-beam, nanoimprint, optical lithography). Knowledge on self-assembly and characterisation and nanometrology will be valuable.
  • The candidate should have extensive experience in collaborative research in nanofabrication. Experience in project design, technical and financial management will be an advantage.
  • Knowledge of English (written and spoken), proactivity, team working and strong communication skills are essential.  
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